Exploring outside is one of our absolute favorite things! Whether you're chasing waterfalls, spending the day at your kid's game, hiking in the mountains, having a family picnic, cruising the dunes, or just playing at the park, take us along for the ride.

Marissa & Dominic

"Melissa and Koko are the best private photographer team we have ever met, and we have used very high-end photographers before (think photographers who have photographed celebrities publicly and privately). It can be sort of intimidating to find a photographer for your needs locally--whether it be something as simple as a couple's session or as complicated as a wedding. But as soon as you meet them, you immediately feel like friends and relax, which makes the many candid photos POP. We feel like a Hallmark family after each session we've done, and the latest one went above and beyond expectations. We have done couple's photos, one-year old photos, newborn photos (same day as the birth in the hospital, what a cool feature!), and family pictures now multiple times. Melissa and Koko pick beautiful locations, and the results more than speak for themselves. We just went through over 100 photos and had a very hard time picking our favorites because of the impressive quality of all of them. When you look for a photographer, you look for consistency, and we can tell you right now after all of our sessions that they are the real deal. Their prices are beyond reasonable, and you will legitimately have a really fun time during the shoot. We look forward to using Melissa and Koko in the future and beyond, and if they ever move, we will travel to whatever state they move to--without hesitation--for the next shoot. They're worth it. They are a true hidden gem in the Southwest. We recommend them to everyone! Thank you Melissa and Koko for another incredible session"

For Photographers

First a little backstory

Let's Do This.

When I first started out I had NO idea what I was doing. I tried reaching out to photographers for help with no luck. I wasn't naturally good at this. I didn't quite fit in to the photography groups. I'm an introvert. I'm not the trendy or light and airy photographer. & You'll catch me in a Wendy's drive-thru before Starbucks 10/10 times.

I've been there.

Don't worry. If you aren't sure what type of photographer you want to be, that's okay! If you can't really list your strengths and need help identifying them, I can definitely help you out. I'm not here to pretend I know everything, but I've learned a lot on my journey through trial and error. I'm an open book and will gladly give you my thoughts and help you level up. Sometimes all you need is assurance that you are on the right path. ♡

We all have to start somewhere.

But, you can move along in your journey a lot faster with some help. I'm more than happy to give you all my tips and tools I've used over the years. We've done in person sales as well as all inclusive models and can help with questions you may have in either category. I always recommend a website review. If you have questions about how we pose clients, our workflow, wedding questions (we photographed weddings for 8 years and were awarded Best in New Mexico Weddings by NM Wedding Guide in 2017, 2018, and 2019.) We've done some natural light studio work, work with pets, and extensive work with families and high school seniors.

Website Review

I freaking LOVE checking out websites. I can give you a thorough review of what I see through a client's eyes when I go to your website. I'll take notes about what needs work, if the navigation is easy to go through, what I'd love to see more (or less) of, and what I would recommend for you to level up the overall look and feel of your website. We know times are hard right now and growth in your business is more important than ever.


1:1 Mentoring

This is your time! Ask me anything! Our one on one mentoring session is perfect for those who need a friend in the business. Someone to ask advice, bounce ideas off of, and most importantly someone who wants to see you succeed. We'll have you fill out a questionnaire prior to your session to really help you get the most out of our time together! Sessions typically last about an hour and are can take place virtually or in person.


Mom with a Camera

If you stumbled on this page hoping to get some info on how to take better pictures of your kiddos, I can help you, too! Whether you have only your phone or an entry level camera, I can quickly walk you through how to take better, more intentional photos of your children. Join me for a one on one 30 minute session. Ask me anything, let me know what you need help with and I'll guide you through anything I can!