My very first time shooting a documentary session, I learned a few things.

I got to witness something truly beautiful; a family living their life authentically, sharing in real love and connection.

I was there, in awe of the fun and relaxed nature of everyone in their own space, and the eagerness of the kids to share everything they loved about their home, including their toys, special things they do with their parents, and even the simplest things which brought them joy.

There was a wonderful energy and playfulness, and not the usual camera shyness, or pressure to perform or look perfect.

It was a discovery that lit me up and set my senses on fire. I knew I found my passion. It's what I wanted for my own family all along. I so desperately want to hold onto the happiness, joy, curiosity, and hilarious personalities that my children wake up with every day in this stage in our lives. With my oldest, now nearing his teens, I recognized how the grand eras of childhood milestones can vanish from one day to the next. A sobering reality.

And I wanted to savor these eras, and preserve them so I could look back on them and really, deeply feel the happiness that their little hands, little expressions, and little hugs have given me again and again. Now, I want these moments for you, too.