We can't wait to work with you!

We put together this welcome guide to help you best prepare for your session! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Below you will find what to expect during your session, tips to prepare, location ideas, wardrobe help, and more!

What To Expect

Regardless of the type of session you have in mind, we can pretty much guarantee a super laid back session with us. We are documentary photographers - so there is no posing or direction from us. You just get to be you and we get to tell your story. This results in photos that will mean something to your family forever.

We only offer "structured" posing for engagement and the wedding "formal" photos. But hopefully we can talk you into a documentary engagement session that will be 100% unique to you!

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Before Your Session

Before your session we'll need you to fill out the questionnaire. This helps me get to know your family a bit, so try to really fill this thing out. It helps me understand what is important to you and what moments I need to look for. Remember, we don't pose and there is no direction from me. I'm more of a friend that hangs out with your family. No need to be extra polite or on best behavior. That's the beauty of these sessions. You really just get to be you. We do try to plan "events" throughout your session, but these happen organically. For example, we can either capture a typical morning together with no "events" planned or we may plan on making breakfast and cleaning up, then jumping on the trampoline or playing on the play set...anything really, just as long as it's true to you.

We do have flexible payment plans available, there are no fees, just an invoice that you can pay down as you can before your session takes place.

During Your Session

Most of the time, our sessions take place at your home, however if there is a location that is important to your family, we can work that in as well. Typically when I arrive, I say hello to everyone and basically just hang out and observe. Kids are usually hyper-aware of my camera, so I usually ask them to show me their room and what their favorite things to do are before we get into anything. Usually after 5 minutes, they are no longer fake smiling at the camera. We know this is a different approach and the kiddos usually love that I'm not begging them to look at me and smile. It's a little bit of a learning curve for us as parents too, but I promise, after a little bit, you'll almost forget I'm taking photos because you'll be too busy enjoying your family to care.

After Your Session

After your session it typically takes 2 weeks to complete your photos and prepare them for your online gallery. Because this style is so unique, we set up our packages to ensure you don't have to walk away from anything. There will be SO many moments you'll want to hang on to. Most of our clients opt to add on an album after they see the photos to preserve this time in your lives in a special way. There's so much meaning behind photos and those that are in them...Especially when they're your own. It's best if the photos aren't only showcased on your computer. We are a full service studio and offer the highest quality products, canvases, and prints. We are 100% no pressure.

How these photos can mean something different to you:

These are a couple pics from a typical Saturday evening in our home.

In these photos, I can see her favorite childhood movie, I see her favorite book right now, I see the blanket she has stolen from me 100 times, I see her favorite pjs that mean the world to her because her brother passed them down to her, I see that she's had them too long and insisted we could just cut the feet so she could keep them. I see chipped nail polish from our frequent "spa" days, I see the baby in his everyday-I refuse to wear pants stage, I see Mason taking the batteries out of the remote and engage him during games, I see the remaining star wars sticker on the wall as a reminder of the *almost* move to Florida and the emotions during that time, I see them wanting to share a room and the challenges they've experienced. I don't just see a picture, I see a story. Our story. Imagine the story I could tell of your family. ♡

What Should I Wear?

This is one of the biggest questions we get! We never recommend wearing the same outfit or exact same colors. Especially for these photos. Wear something you feel good in. Don't try to act like something you're not. If you're comfortable, it will show in the photos! Don't worry about perfection. Be who you are.

These aren't fake photos that show your perfect little family running through a field without a care in the world.

Remember! This is NOT your typical yearly photo shoot.

  • MATCHING OUTFITS? Nope. Be who you are!!
  • POSING IN RANDOM FIELDS? Uh, no. #1 We don't pose. #2 Let's pick a location that means something.
  • DUPLICATING PINTEREST? Not gonna happen. It's time to embrace who you are. So long perfection! Authenticity is IN.

Stuck? Send me a message! I can help!

Just for Fun!

We'd like to get to know you a little more! Totally optional...but we filled it out too! There's 5 of us in our family! Koko and I have 3 kiddos, Mason (11), Mia (8), and Micah (Recently 3!)

It's us!! Photo by Crystal Tompkins Photography