Hey guys!

We're family and documentary photographers for those who don't quite fit into a "box".

Simply put, we appreciate you for who you are and don't expect you to change for your photos.

We are based in Las Cruces, NM though we often find ourselves using any excuse we can to get out of town and into nature.

We love being outside, exploring and documenting our little adventures.

We are really bad about talking about ourselves which is totally fine because we're more interested in hearing from you!

woman in jean jacket and hat smiles at camera
man with black hair and beard with tattoos laughing

Get To Know Us

01. Melissa

Mom to 3 kiddos♡ I am plant obsessed, a pepperoni pizza lover (especially from Dion's), Coca Cola drinker, adventure seeker, New Girl & Outlander watcher, & ocean dreamer♡

02. Koko Father|Husband|Photographer|Blogger|Animal Rescuer|Sports Fan|Foodie|Forest Explorer|Music Lover|Thoughtful|Witty|Funny|Oddly Good at Random Things. Oh, and really talkative. When you meet us, you'll see.

03.Our Kids

Mason (11) loves golf, reading, baseball, Minecraft, and being outdoors. Currently wants to be an engineer and pro golfer. Ambitious and driven.

Mia (9) thrill seeker, adventure lover, adores her brothers, loves soccer & softball, McDonald's, and currently wants to compete on Ninja Warrior Jr. Cannot pass up a challenge. Incredibly bold and kind.

Micah (3) loves sports and swimming. Takes any opportunity he can to get out of the house. Wants to do everything his older siblings do. Sometimes too fearless for his own good. Hilarious and a sweetheart.

04. Side Gigs

We have a soft spot for animals. Koko runs a co-op of non-profits who rescue dogs and cats in all kinds of different ways. I love to take photos of the rescue efforts as they happen, and cuddle up with some puppies and kitties in the process. Serious fun, and a great cause. Check out Barkhouse NM from more info. ♡

woman in sunglasses with hair in her face smiles at camera at white sands

man walks through forest with sunglasses